Educational institution “The Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives”




Faculty Commerce and Finance 
Speciality Code (according the Classificatory of the Republic of Belarus) 1-25 01 04
Speciality Finance and Credit
Speciality Major
Qualification Economist
Specialization (if any) Tax and Taxation
Period  of study 4 years
Language of study Russian
Benefits of study ·           State-recognized degree

·            Decent pay

·            Opening up new opportunities

·            Multidisciplinary activities

·            Opportunity for rapid career growth

·            Opportunity to work in international companies

·            Optimal ratio of office and field work

·            Possibility of both independent work and team work

·            Ability to participate in the development and planning of the accounting policy and tax budget of the organization

·            Ability to implement strategic and current tax planning

·            Ability to ensure stable and economically sustainable development of organizations

·            Ability to implement anti-crisis management of the organization



Applicants’ requirements Full secondary education

Knowledge of the Russian language (applicant is interviewed for knowledge of the Russian language).

Basic Subjects
Subjects EСTS Hours
Microeconomics 4 152
Macroeconomics 5 184
Computer Information Technology 7 286
Statistics 5 208
Money Circulation and Credit 7 306
Finance 13 508
Tax and Taxation 4,5 184
Accounting 7,5 300
Security Market 3,5 130
Financial Management 4 162
Professional and universal competencies that a graduate will possess In the process of training, the following professional competencies will be formed:

·         To apply methods of mathematical analysis and modeling, theoretical and experimental research in the field of finance and credit;

·         Conduct comprehensive economic analysis of all types of activities of an organisation and develop measures for  efficient use of resources, production capacities in order to increase efficiency of industrial and economic activity;

·         Conduct systematic monitoring of an organisation’s compliance with  planned discipline, implementation of planned tasks: prepare data for periodic reporting on time and in forms established by state statistics and analysis bodies;

·         Analyze effect of monetary policy instruments, effectiveness of money circulation organization, activity of credit and financial organisations, their indicators; organize work in the field of banking and financial services in all market segments;

·         Organize work on preparation and implementation of budget, preparation and  implementation  of cost estimations of budgetary organisations; ensure organization of financial control at all stages of planning and implementation of  budget;

·         Develop financial strategy for business entities of all types of ownership; draw up financial plans of business entities, calculate volume of money income and expenses of business entities and sources of their financing; use methods of financial analysis, planning and forecasting, financial control in the practice of managing financial condition of an organisation;

·         Calculate own sources of funding of capital investments and validate the size of attracted resources; draw up a set of financial calculations for a business plan and validate its actuality;

·         Organize work on implementation of measures of state control (supervision) and audit in financial, fiscal, monetary and foreign exchange spheres;

·         Organize insurance work, assess situation in insurance market, develop and apply insurance rules and reinsurance system;

·         Perform professional duties in calculating tax base and taxes on the basis of current tax legislation and other regulatory legal acts on taxes and fees, analyze tax legislation, compare provisions of individual norms, analyze and evaluate tax burden of business entities, as well as tax risks of tax relations participants and carry out measures to reduce them.

Scope of knowledge and professional activities ·         Banks and exchanges

·         Custom authorities

·         Insurance companies

·         Investment fund

·         Statistical Committees

·         Economic and financial services

·         Financial services of internal affairs bodies

·         State bodies of regional an district level

·         Inspections of the Ministry of taxes and duties

Possible job, position
  • Chief accountant
  • Financial Director
  • Head of the Bank’s credit Department
  • Inspector of the Ministry of taxes and duties
  • Deputy Director for Finance
  • Head of the financial Department of the insurance company
  • Specialists of financial departments of ministries and departments
  • Head of the financial Department of the state customs service