Educational institution “The Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives”



Faculty Economics and Management
Speciality Code (according the Classificatory of the Republic of Belarus) 1-25 01 07
Speciality Economics and Business Management
Speciality Major
Qualification Economist-Manager
Specialization (if any) Economics and  Management at a Trade Enterprise

Economics and Management at a Consumer Cooperatives  Enterprise

Economics and Management at an Industry Enterprise

Economics and Management at a Service Enterprise

Economics and Legal Support of Economical Activity

Period  of study 4 years (day-time),

5 years (correspondence course)

Language of study Russian
Benefits of study ·      European lecturers

·      Foreign training

·      Multicultural learning environment

·      Intensive language training

·      Interactive teaching methods

·      Involvement in research projects

·      Continuing education in the master’s programme

·      Applied nature of the subjects studied

·      Wide participation in the international projects

·      High professional demand in Belarus and abroad

Applicants’ requirements Full secondary education

Knowledge of the Russian language (applicant is interviewed for knowledge of the Russian language).

Basic Subjects
Subjects EСTS Hours
Organization of Production 5,0 174
Economics and Labour Organization 5,5 208
Labour Law 4,0 174
Economics of an Organisation (Enterprise) 14,5 610
National Economics 4,0 172
International  Economics 4,0 146
Econometrics and Economic and Mathematical Methods and Models 4,05 180
Management 13,0 516
Marketing 3,0 104
Pricing at an Organisation 4,5 180
Economics and Innovation Management 4,0 142
Foreign Language 3,0 132
Foreign Economic Activity 4,0 142
Finance of an Organisation 3,0 120
Trade Economics 4,5 180
Economics of Public Catering 5,0 176
Economic Business Valuation 3,0 100
Organization of Commercial Activity 5,0 208
Records Management and Business Relations 3,0 130
·         Professional and universal competencies that a graduate will possess In the process of training, the following professional competencies will be formed:

·             To manage economic services and departments of organizations of different ownership forms;

·             To develop options for management decisions and validate their choice based on criteria of socio-economic efficiency;

·             To have skills to start own business;

·             To possess modern management decision-making techniques;

·             To hold business meetings and negotiations, correspondence with foreign partners, prepare orders, draft orders, action plans and contracts;

·             To develop long-term, medium-term and current plans for economic and social development of an organisation (enterprise) and its structural divisions;

·             To conduct a comprehensive economic analysis of all types of activities of an organisation (enterprise) and develop measures for efficient use of resources, production capacities in order to increase efficiency of production and economical activities;

·             To study results of performance of an organisation (enterprise) and its structural divisions and compare them with indicators of other organisations (enterprises).

·             To conduct operational economic analysis of implementation of planned targets and activities for use of reserves with the aim of increasing efficiency of production and economical activities;

·             To be able to make justified decisions in a context of business uncertainty;

·             To have skills of conducting certain stages of production and economical activities of an organisation (enterprise), including: research and development, production, marketing, formation and use of resources and product promotion;

·             To validate system of indicators and methods for assessing economic efficiency of functioning of organisation (enterprise), certain types of activities and structural units;

·             To search, organize and analyze information on development prospects of branch, innovative technologies, projects and solutions;

·             To evaluate competitiveness and cost-effectiveness of developed technologies.

Scope of knowledge and professional activities ·         Own business
·         Trading business
·         The business services sector
·         Hotel business
·         Public catering
·         Tourism
·         Small and medium-sized businesses
Possible job, position ·         Director, Manager
·         Deputy Director for economic Affairs
·         Head of sales Department
·         Head of prices and tariffs Department
·         Head of the trade facility
·         Head of the economic Department
·         Investor relations specialist
·         Head of the market research and demand Department
·         Labor economist
·         Price economist
·         Tourism manager