Speciality Qualification
Global Economics (full-time) economist
Marketing (full-time) marketing-economist
 Logistics (full-time) logistics economist
Finance and Credit (full-time) economist
Commercial Activity (full-time) economist
E-Business Economics (full-time) economist programmer
Economics and Management at an Enterprise
(full-time / distance / correspondence)
Management (full-time) economist-manager
Accounting, Analyses and Audit (full-time) economist
Merchandising and Trade Entrepreneurship (full-time) merchandiser-economist
Economic Law (full-time) lawyer with knowledge of economy


Form of education
Term of education
Cost per year, $
1 Preparatory department 9 months 1770
2 Bachelor Degree
(The first stage of higher education)
Full-time 4 years 2280
Correspondence (including distance form) 5 years 1380
3 Master Degree
(the second stage of higher education )
Full-time 1 year 1687
Correspondence 1.5 years 1035
Master Degree in English, speciality ”World Economy” 1 year 2915
Post-Graduate Course
Full-time 3 years 1400
Correspondence 4 years 1400
  • The tuition fee given above is for foreign students, except the citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and the Republic of Tajikistan.

The University is entitled to change the tuition fee within the whole training period due to a rise in the University expenditures necessary to provide the learning process.

Accommodation fee, medical insurance and registration fee are collected separately.