Faculty Commerce and Finance
Speciality Code (according the Classificatory of the Republic of Belarus) 1-25 01 14
Speciality Merchandising and Trade Entrepreneurship
Speciality Major
Qualification Merchandiser-Economist
Specialization (if any)
Period  of study 3 years (correspondence course, short term)
Language of study Russian
Benefits of study ·            State-recognized degree

·            Decent pay

·            Multidisciplinary activities

·            In demand, modern, prestigious

·            No problems with employment

·            Opportunity for rapid career growth

·            Constant movement and search for new experiences

·            Opportunity to work in international companies

·            Optimal ratio of office and field work

·            Possibility of both independent and team work


Applicants’ requirements Full secondary education

Knowledge of the Russian language (applicant is interviewed for knowledge of the Russian language).

Basic Subjects
Subjects EСTS Hours
Production Technology 2 102
Technical Rate Setting,  Standardization and Quality Management 1,5 54
Sanitary Science and Hygieology in Trade 1,5 54
Basics of Materials Science 1,5 54
Computer Information Technology 7 286
Applied Marketing 4 146
Organization and Technology in Trade 2 78
Merchandising of Fruits, Vegetables, Mushrooms and Products of Their Processing 5 198
Merchandising of Grain and Flour Products, Confectionery and  Food Concentrates 5 198
Merchandising of Meat, Meat and Egg Products 5 198
Merchandising of milk and Dairy Products 5 198
Merchandising of Edible Fats, Fish and Fishery Products 5 180
Merchandising of Knit Goods, Small Wares and Jewelry 5 198
Merchandising of Cultural and Household Goods 5 198
Merchandising of Electrical Household Appliances 5 198
Merchandising of Shoe and Down and Fur Goods 5 198
Merchandising of Textile and Sewing Goods 5 198
Merchandising of Hardware 5 180
Merchandising of Flavour Products 5 162
Consumer Rights Protection 2 100
Basics of Entrepreneurship 4 140
Trade Economics 4 138
Product Safety (in branch) 2 76
Merchandising 4 160
Merchandiser’s Workstation 4 160
Branch Management 2 78
Professional and universal competencies that a graduate will possess In the process of training, the following professional competencies will be formed:

·      To know consumer properties of goods, factors that shape and maintain their quality. Manage the assortment and quality of goods, dispose defects.

·      To be guided by legislative regulatory documents.

·      To conduct acceptance of goods by quantity, quality and completeness.

·      To posses methods of organoleptic and instrumental analysis of goods.

·      To analyze reclamations and complaints about the quality of goods.

·      To posses methods of identification, quality assessment and safety of goods to identify defects, substandard, counterfeit and fake products.

·      To analyze prospects for development of goods production technologies.

·      To forecast consumer demand, analyze marketing information, product market conditions.

·      To select business partners, conduct business negotiations, conclude contracts and monitor their implementation.

·      To develop measures to stimulate sales promotion of goods and optimize trading assortment and increase efficiency of an enterprise.

·      To participate in selection and formation of logistics chains and schemes and search out optimal logistics systems.

·      To monitor compliance with the requirements for packaging and labeling, rules and terms of storage, transportation and sale of goods, rules for their display at points of sale in accordance with merchandising standards adopted by an enterprise.

·      To forecast business processes and estimate their effectiveness.

·      To work with information databases that provide operational trade, warehouse and production accounting of goods, etc.

Scope of knowledge and professional activities —   Trade sector

—   Distributive services

—   Production branches of consumer goods

—   State and regional control systems

Possible job, position —   Brand director

—   Goods manager

—   Academician

—   Merchandise expert

—   Merchandiser — assessor

—   Procurement director

—   Chief sales officer

—   Boutique manager

—   Retail director

—   Category brand manager

—   Manager of dealer network

—   Quality manager

—   Sales manager

—   Head of purchasing department

—   Head of sales department

—   Analyst of market research

—   Specialist of supply consulting