Faculty Commerce
Speciality Code (according the Classificatory of the Republic of Belarus) 1-26 80 05
Speciality Marketing
Speciality Major
Qualification Master
Specialization (if any)
Period  of study 1 year (day-time),

1.5 year (correspondence course)

Language of study Russian
Benefits of study We will teach you to:

  • Achieve your goals and be successful in business
  • Generate new ideas (products, services), develop exclusive brands and successfully promote them in the market
  • Introduce advanced technologies in marketing
  • Develop marketing programs and production development strategies
  • Achieve competitive market advantages
  • Seek consumer recognition and loyalty
  • Realize your creative potential in the profession
Applicants’ requirements Completed higher education (specialist diploma or Bachelor’s degree).

Knowledge of the Russian language (applicant is interviewed for knowledge of the Russian language).

Basic Subjects
Subjects EСTS Hours
Marketing and Society 3 102
Innovation Project Marketing 3 108
Data Mining in Marketing 3 100
Branding 3 102
Consumer Psychology 6 198
Global Marketing 6 198
Event Marketing 3 108
PR Advertising Techniques 3 108
Marketing Audit 3 108
Marketing in Branches and Spheres of Activity 3 108
Professional and universal competencies that a graduate will possess In the process of training, the following professional competencies will be formed:

— to be able to apply methods of scientific knowledge (analysis, comparison, systematization, abstraction, modeling, data validation, decision making, etc.) in independent research activities, generate and implement innovative ideas;

— to independently study new methods of economic planning, research, production organization;

— to take the initiative, including risk situations, to resolve problem situations on the basis of an innovative approach;

— to be able to validate the role and importance of marketing in the development of society, to know its social and economic significance;

— to be able to apply marketing methods and tools in relation to innovative projects, generate and promote new ideas, apply them to commercialize the results of research activities;

— to be able to carry out data analysis to solve economic, managerial and research problems;

— be able to develop branding policy of organisations, promote brands of goods and services in domestic and foreign markets, navigate marketing, semiotic and communicative-psychological laws of branding;

— to be able to conduct marketing research, predict customer behavior and develop marketing strategies taking into consideration special aspects of consumer psychology, be knowledgeable about methodology of psychological impact of modern marketing tools on consumer behavior;

— to be able to carry out professional activities in an international environment, solve practical problems, creatively comprehend international information, analyze decision-making process on issues of marketing in foreign markets in the context of globalization, professionally use tools of global marketing in practical activities;

— to be able to master and apply event marketing tools to manage brand image, develop events for managing corporate image, carry out the process of interaction with actors of event industry, be knowledgeable about methodology of event campaigns;

— to be able to form systemic knowledge about the social laws of advertising development, its structure, typology and functions, be knowledgeable about methodology for conducting and evaluating the results of advertising campaigns, have a professional command of PR-tools;

— to be knowledgeable about methodology of conducting audit of marketing organization, apply acquired knowledge to analysis of marketing activities of specific organisations;

— to have knowledge of specific features of marketing activities in various  branches and spheres of activity of activity and successfully use them in practice.

Scope of knowledge and professional activities ·         Branding

·         Event marketing

·         Internet marketing

·         Global marketing

·         Consumer Psychology

·         Competitive strategies

·         Advertising technologies PR

·         Marketing of the tourism industry

Main fields of professional master activities ·         Brand Manager

·         Marketing analyst

·         Marketing economist

·         Marketing research manager, marketing specialist

·         Customer service manager

·         Sales manager

·         Copywriter

·         Smm manager

·         Targetologist

·         SEO specialist