Faculty Commerce and Finance
Speciality Code (according the Classificatory of the Republic of Belarus) 1-26 02 05
Speciality Logistics
Speciality Major
Qualification Logistician-Economist
Specialization (if any)
Period  of study 4 year (full term)
Language of study Russian
Benefits of study ·            State-recognized degree

·               Decent pay

·               Opening up new opportunities

·               Multidisciplinary activities

·               Unique, popular, modern

·               No problems with employment

·               Opportunity for rapid career growth

·               Opportunity to work in international companies

·               Optimal ratio of office and field work

·               Possibility of both independent work and team work

Applicants’ requirements Full secondary education

Knowledge of the Russian language (applicant is interviewed for knowledge of the Russian language).

Basic Subjects
Subjects EСTS Hours
Computer Information Technology 11.0 458
Logistician’s Workstation 2.0 80
Logistics and Supply Chain Management 15.0 602
Supply Logistics 7.5 290
Distribution Logistics 5.0 198
Transport Logistics 5.0 200
Warehousing Logistics 5.0 200
Inventory Management 8.0 330
Applied Marketing 4.5 170
Economics of an Organisation (Enterprise) 4.5 170
International Logistics 6.0 200
Information Technology and System in Logistics 6.0 230
Cost Management 6.0 234
Pricing at an Organisation 4.5 170
Logistical Risk Management 3.5 152
Merchandising 2.0 80
Professional and universal competencies that a graduate will possess In the process of training, the following professional competencies will be formed:

•  To collect and analyze initial information for carrying out project activities in various functional areas of logistics.

•  To describe and analyze existing logistic business processes and develop models of viable logistic business processes of organisations.

•  To calculate and optimize parameters of logistic business processes of an organisation.

•  To work out proposals for optimization of systems of support and adoption of logistic decisions and logistic information support of an organisation.

•  To validate investment and innovative projects in the field of logistics management.

•  To develop purchase plans and forecasts.

•  To take part in planning outputs production.

•  To develop and validate measures to reduce the production cycle and optimize production costs.

•  To plan volume of stocks required for continuous production in conjunction with the costs of their storage and maintenance.

•  To plan warehousing in terms of determining types and quantities of  warehousing  equipment,  warehousing costs, performance evaluation of warehouses use.

•  To validate selection of production distribution channels and evaluate their effectiveness.

•  To carry out selection of optimal types of transportation and transport and technological schemes of cargo delivery.

•  To estimate and plan costs of pre- and after-sales products service, economically validate measures to improve customer service.

•  To optimize volume of money and rationalize financial flows in logistics systems.

•  To make investigations on various functional areas of logistics and supply chains, analyze results and use them when implementing a logistics management concept in an organization.

•  To form and constantly update information-analytical base of an organisation using modern techniques and methods of data processing.

• To use global information resources to solve logistic challenges.

Scope of knowledge and professional activities ·         Logist

·         Operations

·         Cargo

·         Information

·         Warehouse

·         Transport

·         Cost

·         Control

·         Automation

  • Commodity exchange
  • Trade organization
  • Financial company
  • Consulting firm
  • Transport organization
  • Investment company
  • Department of trade and services
  • Foreign trade organization
  • Industrial enterprise
  • Retail distribution of goods
Possible job, position ·  Vice-president

·  Customs broker

·  Transport analyst

·  Distribution supervisor

·  Customer service Manager

·  Retail chain Manager

·  Logistician / logistics coordinator

·  Distribution operations analyst

·  Integrated logistics Manager

·  Head of the terminal complex

·  The operator of multimodal carriage of goods

·   Logistics planning analyst