Faculty Commerce and Finance
Speciality Code (according the Classificatory of the Republic of Belarus) 1-26 02 03
Speciality Marketing
Speciality Major
Qualification Marketing specialist-Economist
Specialization (if any) 1- 26 02 03  20 Marketing in E-Commerce Industry
Period of study 4 years (full term)
Language of study Russian
Benefits of study ·            State-recognized degree

·            Decent pay

·            Multidisciplinary activities

·            In demand, modern, prestigious

·            No problems with employment

·            Opportunity for rapid career growth

·            Constant movement and search for new experiences

·            Opportunity to work in international companies

·            Optimal ratio of office and field work

·            Possibility of both independent and team work


Applicants’ requirements Full secondary education

Knowledge of the Russian language (applicant is interviewed for knowledge of the Russian language).









Basic Subjects

Subjects EСTS Hours
Introduction to the Speciality 6
Marketing Information Systems 2 78
Marketing 15 602
Marketing Research 7,5 290
Innovations Marketing 5 198
Marketing Communication 8 310
Consumer Behavior 3,5 152
Marketing in Trade 7 296
Internet-Marketing (optional) 3 108
Internet Advertising (optional) 3 108
Marketing in E-Commerce 14 530
Benchmarketing 2 68
Marketing Management 3 126
Strategic Marketing 2 68
Professional and universal competencies that a graduate will possess In the process of training, the following professional competencies will be formed:

—  to analyze and evaluate the data collected;

—  to use global information resources;

— to have a command of modern telecommunication facilities;

— to determine economic and social effectiveness of marketing activities;

—  to develop a plan for marketing research, analyze the results and use them in development and implementation of marketing complex of an organisation;

— to analyze external and internal environment of an organisation, evaluate its economic potential, strengths and weaknesses;

—  to  implement marketing information support;

—  to  study the behavior of buyers and consumers;

—  to analyze marketing activities of an organisation;

— to use a complex of marketing communications for  demand generation and sales promotion;

— to search, organize and analyze information on  industry development prospects, innovative technologies, projects and solutions;

—  to determine innovation objectives and ways of their achievement.


Scope of knowledge and professional activities —          Promotion

—          TV and Radio

—          Advertising Agencies

—          Promotion

—          Marketing in service business

—          Consulting companies

—          Marketing research sector

—          Industrial holdings and concerns

—          Public services

—          State administrative bodies

—          Management of trade brands

Possible job, position —          Marketing specialist

—          Economist

—          PR Specialist

—          Head of unit

—          Branding Specialist

—          Internet marketing specialist

—          Marketing specialist – analytic

—          Event marketer

—          Media buyer

—          Copywriter

—          Art director