Faculty Commerce
Speciality Code (according the Classificatory of the Republic of Belarus) 1-25 80 07
Speciality «Merchandising and Goods Expertise»
Speciality Major
Qualification Master
Specialization (if any)
Period  of study 1,5 years (correspondence course)
Language of study Russian
Competitive advantages —            Master course graduates with in-depth training of specialists will receive the right to hold positions up by 1-2 levels compared to bachelor graduates.

—            Master’s degree provides an opportunity to find a prestigious and highly paid job, to provide a basis for professional growth.

—            Enhanced practical training in the field of merchandising, expertise, technology and safety of goods.

—         Specialist has competencies in matters of identification and examination of goods; provision and confirmation of quality and safety of goods; QMS development; identification of potential dangers and identification of dangers within the framework of the HACCP system, etc.

Applicants’ requirements Completed higher education (specialist diploma or Bachelor’s degree).

Knowledge of the Russian language (applicant is interviewed for knowledge of the Russian language).

Basic Subjects
Subjects EСTS Hours
Expertise of Foodstuffs 3 108
Strategic Quality and Assortment Management 3 116
International Technical Regulation 3 108
Procurement Management 3 100
Network and Cloud Technologies in Commerce 3 100
Research Seminar 3 90
Expertise of Consumer Goods 3 108
Research Methodology 3 100
Modern Methods of Quality Evaluation and Competitiveness of Goods 3 90
Expert Quality Evaluation Methods 3 108
General and Sanitary Microbiology 3 90
Foodstuffs Radiology 6 198
Merchandising and Expertise of  Clothing, Footwear and Cultural and Household Goods 3 102
Aesthetics and Design Basics of Nonfoods 3 108
Merchandising and Expertise of Foodstuffs 3 108
Progressive Technology for  Goods  Production 3 102
Information Support of Goods 3 108
Basics of Materials Science 3 108
Professional and universal competencies that a graduate will possess In the process of training, the following professional competencies will be formed:

·           To be capable of analytical activity, setting goals and solving research problems using modern methods and tools.

·           To posses professional and scientific terminology and ability to reasonably and clearly state the main ideas.

·           To have knowledge of provisions of basic regulatory legal acts and regulatory documents and ability to apply them in professional activity.

·           To have a command of modern information resources and technologies used in innovative professional activity.

·           To know the essence of cloud technology, distributed ledger technology, specifics of blockchain technology, work with remote Internet services, local network resources and distributed database.

Why is Master’s Degree important? —         Additional financial encouragement from employer

—         Leadership priority

—         Experience in analytical work, writing scientific articles, preparing reports and reports

—         Opportunity to be engaged in teaching

—         Successful career

—         New perspective